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       PHP Layers Menu
    PHP Layers Menu is a hierarchical dynamic menusystem to rapidly choose among the items. It workswith both PHP3 and PHP4. It achieves a compactview and a reasonably small file size for the pagewith a very large number of entries. Its behaviouris completely
    Version: 1.0.2 Updated: 29-08-2001
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       DataMan's Sitemapper and Navigation Tree Generator
    This is a simple but useful tool and can either be used as a site menu system or to dynamically generated a site map for a website. It caters for nth level of categories which can also be limited if required
    Version: 1.0.b Updated: 22-08-2001
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    PcsExplorer is a PHP/Javascript script which launches a "popup" window to aid in navigation and selection of a file or a folder. The selected file or directory is then placed in the TEXT value of a form in the calling browser window. Includes a sample fil
    Version: 0.1 Updated: 22-07-2001
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       A1Menu Site Navigation System
    A1 - Menue is a site navigation system that provides an easy navigation especially for larger websites. For each directory a customizable menu is created and sorted following specific rules. Files and directories may be included or excluded depending on t
    Version: 1.1 Updated: 13-04-2001
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       Panel Class
    This is a PHP class that allows you to easily create self-recovering panels. Panel is a component of overlapping "group of panels", similar to the sidebar of Mozilla or Microsoft Outlook. The main part of the overlapping and navigation is done in DHTML,
    Version: 0.5 Updated: 23-03-2001
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    UltraTree is a fast navigation tree builder based on PHP and MySQL. Features: unlimited depth, though you can set a limit makes only one SQL query to draw the tree draws all the ascending branches you can easily add it to your scripts UltraTree generates
    Version: 1.1 Updated: 20-01-2001
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       Popup Menu Class
    Create a DHTML popup menu in 10 lines of PHP code!PopupMenu allows you to customize the Popup look: colors, font, alignment, etc.
    Version: 0.4 Updated: 26-10-2000
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       Dynamically Cascading Menu with Buttons
    This is a PHP-based program that allows you to create a cascading menu with image buttons using on-the-fly image creation. Also supports a nested menu.
    Version: 1.0.0 Updated: 27-07-2000
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    class.tree is a class for php that gives you an easy way to create expandable tree lists. class.tree is designed and tested for 4+ browsers with javascript enabled, tested with Netscape 4.7 and IE 5.0. The depth of the tree is no longer limited.
    Version: 1.0.0 Updated: 11-07-2000
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    TreeDoc demonstrates a novel way to display hypertext and view documents, and provides free code with which beginners can easily create such displays in HTML. In short, the TreeDoc system gives documents and pages the nested, open-in-place behavior.
    Version: 0.5 Updated: 13-06-2000
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       Tree menu
    This is a simple PHP class that allows you to generate tree like menus. Note: this site requires registration to access the file.
    Version: Updated: 26-12-1999
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