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  • Здесь собраны php скрипты различных веб-приложений, платные php скрипты в этот каталог не входят, Вы можете заказать PHP скрипты на заказ обратившись к нам
    This script will read the directory and then create the html file as it is viewed, providing the end user an attractive download interface with info, and file size. To add download content simply drop the files into the directory, no more hastle. The dipl
    Version: 2.0 Updated: 14-09-2001
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       WebJeff's FileManager
    This is a Web-based file manager that allows you to upload files, create directories and files, rename, move, copy or delete, browse directories, view and edit files. Currenly supported languages include english, deutch, italian, poland, slovak, and more.
    Version: 1.6 Updated: 11-09-2001
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    This is a a simple Web-based FTP client implemented in PHP. It supports file transfers, directory navigation, and directory creation. Version 2.0 now includes adirectory parser and improved MIME support for downloads.
    Version: 2.0 Updated: 10-09-2001
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    Expow is a file manager written in PHP. It offers different modes like tree view, frame (optional), a doubled view (a la midnight commander). It integrates Overlib classes to preview thumbs of pictures. Other features include intensive icon use, upload, f
    Version: 0.7 Updated: 07-09-2001
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    This script creates an index of a (download) directory with filesize, dates and keeps track of download counts for each file using a text file.
    Version: 0.1-0 Updated: 06-09-2001
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    Cwfm (Comet WebFileManager) is a simple Web-based File manager. Features: directory list/make/delete/rename, file download/upload/delete/rename/description/view, File and directory search. Requires: Php4 browser with frames, javascript and css support.
    Version: Updated: 03-09-2001
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    DnCounter is a simple, yet powerful PHP script engine designed to keep accurate records about file downloads and views. At this time, only MySQL implementation is available. The Postgress version and an flat file version will be released next. Portuguese
    Version: 0.1 Updated: 27-08-2001
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    PclTar manages GNU TAR archives. Files generated by PclTar are readable by gzip tools and WinZip application.
    Version: 1.2 Updated: 22-08-2001
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    The author writes "sikil ( seekandkill ) this tool originaly make for helping mweb Indonesia developer/designer/admin to find useless files on our servers, i.e DEADJOE file or .html~ using /dev/stdin, and runs only in linux machine."
    Version: 0.18h Updated: 22-08-2001
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    phpWebFileManager is simple file management tool, written in PHP. It is designed for inclusion in large projects using include() or a similar function. It features secure directory browsing, directory creation and removal, file creation, uploading, renami
    Version: 0.1 Updated: 07-08-2001
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    paFileDB lets you easily have a database of downloads on your website. Adding downloads is easy. Upload (if neccesary) and use paFileDB to add it to your database. No more messing with HTML files or HTML editors. Features:MySQL Backend, Categories, Passwo
    Version: 2.0.3 Updated: 25-07-2001
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    getDownNow allows you to drop a file in any web directory and generate a nice directory browsing layout. Features include popup view window for browser viwable file types, and directory description text file.
    Version: 0.9.4 Updated: 28-06-2001
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       Download Manager (by Mesut Tunga)
    This is a very simple download manager. It supports logging file downloads on both a MySql database and a flat file. This script includes no mysql option (a flat file option) for those without MySQL access. The script features saving your files to downloa
    Version: 1.0 Updated: 23-06-2001
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    PHPBrowser is a small PHP script to browse in directories on a Linux file system. You can browse through all directories except the root directories. The navigation is easy with a simple web interface. All files (text, graphics) are downloadable.
    Version: 1.0 Updated: 18-06-2001
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    PhpZip allows you to create archive in GNU TAR format or proprietary PHP format. The proprietary PHP format (.piz files) archives support auto-unzip and auto-run functions. PhpZip uses several libraries (PhpZipLib and PclTar) which can be used directly by
    Version: 1.6 Updated: 08-06-2001
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       Server to Server Transfer
    This is a PHP script that allows you to transfer a big file from your current server to another server. Don't waste your time and bandwidth to download it and upload it. Just use this script to transfer it.
    Version: 1.0 Updated: 28-05-2001
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       Virtual File Uploader
    Virtual File Uploader is a simple file uploader with changeable settings to your server path. This script is written in PHP and does not require MySQL. Features a nice easy interface for uploading files with error checking.
    Version: 1.0 Updated: 29-04-2001
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       FTP Script
    Upload this script to your site, and you can login and move files to/from your server without using an FTP program. Especially useful behind a firewall which won't allow normal FTP access. To use this script, you must have PHP's FTP functions enabled.
    Version: 1.0 Updated: 01-04-2001
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    PHPFileExchange provides a web based file interchange system similar to that provided by www.xdrive.com and www.freedrive.com. It features authenticated user login, user groups, read and write access control at the user and group level, user privilege lev
    Version: 0.8.8 Updated: 31-03-2001
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    Uploader is a PHP script that lets you add a upload form to your website. It supports unlimited upload boxes.
    Version: 1.0 Updated: 28-03-2001
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    getpath is a short code snippet that returns part of a translated path, or the whole path, excluding the SCRIPT_NAME. Examples and usage are explained on its homepage.
    Version: 1 Updated: 26-03-2001
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    This is a PHP application that lets you edit, browse, CHMOD, view, move, rename, copy, and create files/directories in any forms/tables enabled browser. (Option to create html skeleton-files.)
    Version: 2.0 Updated: 28-02-2001
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       Download Protector
    Download Protector is a bandwidth protection script that will stop people linking to your downloads. It also supports unlimited download urls and files.
    Version: 1.0 Updated: 20-02-2001
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    QuickUploader is a PHP Program to make a very Simple/Fast Upload interface insertable anywhere in your own program instantly.
    Version: 0.4 Updated: 19-10-2000
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    download thingy is written in php and uses mysql to hold the data. Basically it allows you to count how many times a file has been downloaded. It comes with administration scripts so you can add new items to the database, delete old items and view the sta
    Version: 0.01 Updated: 13-10-2000
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       Owl Intranet Engine
    Owl is a multi user document repository (knowledgebase) system written in PHP for publishing of files/documents onto the web for a corporation, small buisness, group of people, or just for yourself. Owl is written in PHP and stores its data in a MySQL dat
    Version: 20001 Updated: 12-10-2000
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       File to database uploading class
    This is an PHP file upload class for your MySQl database. Currently, images and texts are checked, but there are no limits. It can be extend to your own needs.
    Version: Updated: 05-10-2000
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       PHP - File Upload
    This is a couple of simple PHP scripts that allows you to upload files via Web browser.
    Version: Updated: 27-07-2000
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    Eclipsys's PHP download is a set of two php pages that gives you the possibility of adding a "download central" on your web site. It features: See how many time a file has been downloaded, Organize your downloads in different categories, and Redirect peop
    Version: 1.1 Updated: 12-06-2000
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    VFS (Virtual File System) is a Web-based system that allows authorised users to upload and download files. It is a file sharing utility aimed at communities that wish to share files acrossthe Internet and where traditional mechanisms aren't appropriate or
    Version: 0.1.2 Updated: 09-06-2000
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    PHPNoLeech is a PHP script that allows someone to register an e-mail address to download an mp3, and then it uses an 'anti-leech' script to download the file, without the file being webaccessible. It can be useful if you want to offer free music or other
    Version: 0.1 Updated: 06-06-2000
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       Web Directory Toys
    This is an Apache mod_autoindex modification to make IIS style directory listings (but, better) and a PHP3 script which does the same. This modified module outputs the directory to a proper HTML table, and the appearance of columns and rows may be modifie
    Version: Updated: 09-05-2000
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    AnyPortal(php) provides file-system browsing of your web site from anywhere via the web. You can upload, download and modify pages as well as get information about the files on your webserver. It is perfect for maintaining a collection of small pages, e.g
    Version: 0.1 Updated: 06-05-2000
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    File is a wrapper class to common PHP file functions. It encapsulates error checking during file operations, reducing the amount of code in your own programs andavoiding redundancy.
    Version: 1.0 Updated: 03-02-2000
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    fileupload.class can be used to upload image and text files with a web browser. The uploaded file's name will get cleaned up - special characters will be deleted, and spaces get replaced with underscores, and moved to a specified directory (on your server
    Version: 1 Updated: 21-12-1999
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       AITSH Download
    AITSH Download is a download script that uses a MySQL-database. It allows you to let people download files from your server, and you have the ability to see statistics. It is very easy to configure and to adapt it to your needs. We have kept the layout ve
    Version: 1.0 Updated: 14-10-1999
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       ANTI Leech
    With this PHP script you can allow your users to download files without displaying the original URL. It can be used for files on either your own server or another server.
    Version: 1.1 Updated: 22-09-1999
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    This PHP script allows you to easily display the source code of various files residing on your server.
    Version: Updated: 06-09-1999
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       AITSH Source
    AITSH Source is a PHP3-script source-viewer. It is very easy to configure and to adapt it to your needs. The layout has been kept very simple, so you can customize it very easy. Installation instructions are inside the script.
    Version: 1.0 Updated: 26-08-1999
    Write a review! - Visitor Ratings: 1127   
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