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Zend Zend/Win Enabler - Running PHP on Windows


  • The Enabler that marries PHP and Windows with no limits, produced and supported by the designers of PHP themselves.
  • Finally, a Windows - PHP Enabler that has stability and scalability built-in
  • Provide your customers with multi-platform PHP applications, running Linux and/or Windows seamlessly
  • Keep you boss and your customers happy - performance up to 3x better than ISAPI and up to 10x better than CGI,...
Zend Studio™ 3.0.1 released

ZDE 3.0.1 bug fixes:

  • Stopping a Search operation could take a very long time
  • Presence of very large content on the clipboard could result in degraded performance
  • Renaming a directory could sometimes result in an internal error
  • Refresh problem in 'Project Inspector'

  • Under certain situations, the ZDE could launch with all of the toolbar icons disabled.
  • Shortcut keys were not...
PHP 4.3.4 Released

PHP 4.3.4 has been released. The focus of this release was the resolution of
bugs and at the time of release some 70 bugs were resolved. All users are
encouraged to upgrade to 4.3.4.

PHP 4.3.4 contains, among others, following important fixes:

* Fixed disk_total_space() and disk_free_space() under FreeBSD.
* Fixed FastCGI being unable to bind to a specific IP.
* Fixed several bugs in mail() implementation on win32.
* Fixed crashes in a number of functions.
PHP5 Beta 2 rolled

30 Oct 2003, PHP 5 Beta 2
- Lots and lots of changes in the Zend Engine 2 since beta 1:
. Added Iterators
. Improved memory manager
. Added Reflection API
. Removed the not so working namespaces support
. Removed support for expressions within constant declarations.
. You can read...