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PostgreSQL 7.4

Several major performance enhancements have been added in version 7.4, enabling PostgreSQL to match or exceed the speed of other enterprise database systems. These include:

Hash aggregation in memory to make data warehousing and OLAP queries up to 20 times faster;
Improvements in subquery handling by the planner resulting in up to 400% speed increases in some complex queries;
New script to set more reasonable postgresql.conf defaults for shared buffers,...
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PHP to Java bytecode compiler allows to run legacy PHP-based web applications on any Java Servlets container.
(пока ничего еще не сделали =)
a PHP compiler for the .NET CIL
(Тоже пока ничего не сделали =)
BinaryPHP is a PHP To C++ converter which...
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Zend Zend/Win Enabler - Running PHP on Windows


  • The Enabler that marries PHP and Windows with no limits, produced and supported by the designers of PHP themselves.
  • Finally, a Windows - PHP Enabler that has stability and scalability built-in
  • Provide your customers with multi-platform PHP applications, running Linux and/or Windows seamlessly
  • Keep you boss and your customers happy - performance up to 3x better than ISAPI and up to 10x better than CGI,...
Zend Studio™ 3.0.1 released

ZDE 3.0.1 bug fixes:

  • Stopping a Search operation could take a very long time
  • Presence of very large content on the clipboard could result in degraded performance
  • Renaming a directory could sometimes result in an internal error
  • Refresh problem in 'Project Inspector'

  • Under certain situations, the ZDE could launch with all of the toolbar icons disabled.
  • Shortcut keys were not...