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Smarty 2.6.0 has been released

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Главное изменение:
ядро разделено на модули, которые подключаются только в тот момент, когда они необходимы.
Результат: значительно меньше кода обрабатывается, скорость значительно увеличивается.
Настоятельно рекомендуется всем проапгрейдиться до новой версии.

PostgreSQL 7.4

Several major performance enhancements have been added in version 7.4, enabling PostgreSQL to match or exceed the speed of other enterprise database systems. These include:

Hash aggregation in memory to make data warehousing and OLAP queries up to 20 times faster;
Improvements in subquery handling by the planner resulting in up to 400% speed increases in some complex queries;
New script to set more reasonable postgresql.conf defaults for shared buffers,...
разные интересные PHP related проэкты на SourceForce

до чего дошел прогресс:
PHP to Java bytecode compiler allows to run legacy PHP-based web applications on any Java Servlets container.
(пока ничего еще не сделали =)
a PHP compiler for the .NET CIL
(Тоже пока ничего не сделали =)
BinaryPHP is a PHP To C++ converter which...
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Zend Zend/Win Enabler - Running PHP on Windows


  • The Enabler that marries PHP and Windows with no limits, produced and supported by the designers of PHP themselves.
  • Finally, a Windows - PHP Enabler that has stability and scalability built-in
  • Provide your customers with multi-platform PHP applications, running Linux and/or Windows seamlessly
  • Keep you boss and your customers happy - performance up to 3x better than ISAPI and up to 10x better than CGI,...