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PHP 4.3.4 Released

PHP 4.3.4 has been released. The focus of this release was the resolution of
bugs and at the time of release some 70 bugs were resolved. All users are
encouraged to upgrade to 4.3.4.

PHP 4.3.4 contains, among others, following important fixes:

* Fixed disk_total_space() and disk_free_space() under FreeBSD.
* Fixed FastCGI being unable to bind to a specific IP.
* Fixed several bugs in mail() implementation on win32.
* Fixed crashes in a number of functions.
PHP5 Beta 2 rolled

30 Oct 2003, PHP 5 Beta 2
- Lots and lots of changes in the Zend Engine 2 since beta 1:
. Added Iterators
. Improved memory manager
. Added Reflection API
. Removed the not so working namespaces support
. Removed support for expressions within constant declarations.
. You can read...
Apache 1.3.29 Released

Apache 1.3.29 Major changes

Security vulnerabilities
The main security vulnerabilities addressed in 1.3.29 are:

CAN-2003-0542 ( Fix buffer overflows in mod_alias and mod_rewrite which occurred if one configured a regular expression with more than 9 captures.

New features
New features that relate to specific platforms:

Enabled RFC1413 ident...
PHP5 Beta 2 RC1 is out

и, как всегда:

Напоминаю, что в эту ветвь добавляются все изменения, в то время, как в 4.x идут только багфиксы.
Изменения/добавления в ядре описаны в ZEND_CHANGES.