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In the last article we learnt how to create modified copies of an immutable in PHP. This one is going to tackle an issue I have hitherto skirted around and avoided. Objects in immutable data structures.

This article is part of a series I have written on the topic of immutability in PHP code:

  1. ...
PHP 7.2 Release Date and Managers Being Chosen - 7 Minutes Lately in PHP podcast episode 82
By Manuel Lemos
PHP 7.2 development is reaching to the alpha stage in June, hopefully to have a final version released later this year. So for now the release managers are being chosen, so they can start preparing to work on each alpha, beta and release candidate...
How to Handle Chrome html Editor Form Submission Block Due to Bogus XSS Detection Causing ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR Error
By Manuel Lemos
Since version 57, Chrome started blocking the submission of forms with content created by regular html editor inputs.

The problem is that this is preventing many sites that use...
Symfony Flex is not Open-Sourced yet, but I can already feel the excitement in the community. I have also received some feedback via Twitter, Slack, and email during the last few days. That makes me really happy!

Everybody knows that I like to tease. Trying to build the momentum on something you have been working on for months feels great. But the reality is a bit more complex: I am still working on the first MVP of the infrastructure needed to support Symfony Flex. To be honest, I'm probably working...
It's been 15 years since Xdebug first came out. We think this is the perfect opportunity to re-introduce it to the world, and explain how and why it does what it does.


Xdebug is a PHP extension (meaning it needs to be compiled and installed into a PHP installation) which provides the developer with some features for debugging. Those include:

  • stack traces -...