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Fabien has published his plans for the new Symfony 4 directory structure. Not that it matters much to anyone in Symfony-land, where I have no status that I’m aware of, but I am happy to see the changes described.

Having said that, and recognizing that Fabien obviously has final say over his own projects …

The new etc/ directory is the equivalent of the current app/config/ directory.

Web files under web/
Instead of writing our own search, we managed to integrate REST API data into a TYPO3's native indexed_search results. This brings us a mix of website content and REST data in one result list.

A TYPO3 v7.6 site at work consists of a normal page tree with content that is searchable with indexed_search.

A separate management interface is used by editors to administrate some domain-specific data...
Symfony 3 came with a slightly different directory structure than Symfony 2. Symfony 4 will also come with a reworked directory structure. Mostly incremental adjustments to support new features and best practices.

The Symfony 3 directory structure introduced a more standard Unix-like directory structure, with less sub-directories. Symfony 4 keeps going in that direction.

Using well-known directory names helps....
Any major version of a project is an opportunity to revisit its best practices. Modernizing them. Adapting them to the project's new features. Symfony 4 is no exception.

Standardization first#

Symfony 4 will be an evolution of the current practices, trying to embrace more standard tools.

Symfony strives to embrace PHP and web standards. It is hard to believe that Symfony 2 started at a time when Composer did not...
After implementing some larger enterprise Drupal 8 websites, I would like to share some insights, how to solve common issues in the deployment workflow with Drupal 8 CMI.

Introduction to Drupal CMI

First of all, you need to understand, how the configuration management in Drupal 8 works. CMI allows you to export all configurations and its dependencies from the database into yml text files. To make sure, you never end up in an inconsistent state, CMI always exports everything. By...