Вакансия Middle+/Senior JavaScript Developer. Киев


Открыта вакансия Middle+/Senior JavaScript Developer (2500 у.е.)

Необходимые навыки:
At least 2 years of experience within front-end solutions development and design
Good experience with JavaScript
JavaScript ( es5, es6 )
Extensive experience with HTML5/Bootstrap/CSS3, SASS / LESS
Agile/Scrum experience


JS framework: AngularJS,React,Angular
Experience with WebGL, fabric.js, webrtc, VR, Web Workers
Bachelor`s degree in Computer science

Если ты именно тот супер - человек ,которого мы так ждем в нашу команду ,то мы хотим предложить тебе :
Competitive salary
Friendly and passionate team
Flexible hours
English courses and out-of-office activities and much more!
We guarantee learning and self-development for every team player!
Experienced Team Leads help to grow up as a professional engineer and build individual self-growing roadmap!

Обязанности для нашего Супер-героя :

- Drink coffee, eat cookies and code amazing features
- Develop auto generator and floor plan builder

Ты наверное хочешь узнать о проекте? Читай ниже и присылай CV как можно скорее. Очень HOT вакансия,очень HOT

Web tours with 360 live integration using machine learning and AI for floor plan auto generator!

Service is designed to create live 360 tours!
To represent more visually, effectively and impressive realestate objects, luxury apartments, yachts, etc
Modern technologies are used! Amazing solution! Imagine you can build 360 view, floor plan and live demo tour just in browser!!!
Probably the best project we have in 2017 year! Build in Angular and supports VR, internet calls, social media, payments and geolocation!

Email: [email protected]