PHP4 + dinamic Flash


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PHP4 + dinamic Flash

Hello everyone,
I just added support for libswf (
in PHP, the files are in the latest CVS for PHP4. This message is just
to serve as a technical note on some of the things in the files.

1. In the CVS tree there are two header files, php_swf.h and swf.h,
php_swf.h is the standard PHP header file & swf.h is the header file for
libswf support. The reason this is needed is because in some
distributions of libswf, there is an error in the swf.h file, therefore
we use a customized version of the swf.h file.

2. The functions interface directly with libswf, that means these files
are just wrappers (like a considerable amount of the PHP modules). If
you take a look at the libswf documentation it will apply equally for
PHP's support of libswf, with three small incompatibilities (the first
two will be rectified soon):

a. swf_definepoly is not supported
b. in swf_openfile you cannot specify STDOUT if you want to output the
file directly.
c. The sound functions are not supported, this is not likely to be
changed since libaudiofile is required for such support.

3. This module has been tested on Redhat Linux 6.1 with the following
mix of configure options:

swf (of course)

4. The configure line would go something like:

./configure --with-swf[=DIR] ...everything else

Where DIR is the location of libswf.a.

5. For links to the libswf homepage and a sample flash file created
along with the code for that flash file see

6. On my TODO list for the module:

a. Add swf_definepoly
b. Add support for writing the file to stdout
c. Build in error checking on the PHP side since libswf doesn't really
do it for you.
d. Prototypes

7. The root of most problems you will come across while using this
module will be related to not properly installing libswf, so make sure
you correctly install libswf!

Thanks for your time,
Sterling Hughes
[email protected]

P.s.: and config.m4 were not created by me, they're simply
an adaption of the config.m4 and in ext/mcrypt.