Senior Backend Developer (PHP). Rotterdam (onsite). €55K + релокейт пакет


Full time on-site позиция с релокацией в Роттердам (Нидерланды).

По условиям: €5K + релокейт пакет (виза, перелет, временное жизье и т.д.) + 30% рулинг (30% з/п не облагаются налогами)
По основным требованиям: PHP, Symfony2, DDD, TDD + English.

Подробнее о компании и самой вакансии:

About the company
VONQ is the European leading expert in Online Recruitment Marketing services. With offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and London we help companies recruit better. Unique to our services is our data-driven marketing approach. Based on years of experience and more than 100,000 online recruitment campaigns, we have consolidated a unique set of data points to architect and predict the success of a customer recruitment marketing campaign.

As a Senior Backend Developer in the VONQ Product Team, you will be leading critical product development efforts and get your hands dirty in the implementation of various applications/services. You'll be working closely with our CTO and our product management team.

You will be contributing to our flagship product called Job Marketing Platform (JMP). It’s a (big) data-driven application with a recommendation engine to serve multiple personas. JMP incorporates the team’s learnings and best practices including CQRS and event sourcing. Although it’s a young product we’re practising LEAN methodology to gradually evolve it in a modular way and having a very ambitious roadmap in mind.

What you actually will do:
  • Work in an agile (scrum) environment and deliver high quality applications/services
  • Pro-actively lead development efforts for new product initiatives and feature development
  • Mentor and support team members
  • Support the devops team in utilizing practices such as CI, CD, and automated release management
  • Write robust and efficient code primarily using PHP, Symfony and MySQL, and learn other languages/frameworks if needed.

Your qualification:
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent relevant work experience
  • Creating high quality multi-tiered applications primarily preferably with PHP and MySQL
  • Experience with Symfony2 and Domain Driven Design
  • Experience in contributing to the systems and software architecture of a company
  • Experience leading team development efforts to implement new product initiatives and features
  • Experience with Agile methodologies (Scrum / Kanban)
  • Experience with practices such as TDD, CI and CD
  • Experience with automated testing using tools such as PHPUnit, PHPSpec and Behat
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • An Agile mindset: being able and willing to cross roles and specialities to make the team succeed
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