Senior / Middle level Magento or Zend / PHP-developer, Prague


We are looking for. Senior / Middle level Magento or Zend / PHP-developer
Main responsibilities:

- Starting up Magento( or Zend) project from scratch

- Installing paid magento themes

- Customization / development of existing Magento (or Zend) projects

- Magento modules development (including for sale)

- Bugs investigation / Research & Development

Key requirements:

- Magento (or Zend) experience required

- Good working knowledge of PHP5/JS, jQuery, Prototype

- JS frameworks

- Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS

- Understanding of OOP principles, design patterns (MVC required), and their application

- Skill at reading and understanding other people’s code

- Experience in MVC frameworks/CMS

- Zend Framework experience

- ORM experience

Our contacts: (please call letter “from PHP-developer” )

skype natalysmyt

Please provide us your skype and CV

Ok. Sorry.
It is 2000-3000 €
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